The 2014 season is coming soon, and with that your car and driver information will be changing. 

Now that we have a complete year under our belt with the new website, we would like to take it to the max. 
We are asking that all drivers fill out there information in the Driver Bio Form and get this submitted to Arlington PC Repair. We are also asking that all drivers make sure they get a good picture of there car. We would like to see every car on the track listed in the website this coming year. The fans really enjoy this. 

When you are taking a picture of your car, make sure you get the whole vehicle. We can not use pictures that have the front or part of the back cut out. Make sure the picture is of high resolution, large format. 

Once you have your picture, please send it to:

Your picture will be used for your own driver page that will be created in our website. So the more information you fill out the better your page will be. If you have additional pictures you would like to include on your page send them as well. 

Thank you
Arlington Raceway
Arlington PC Repair
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